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What is Astronomy?


This year Alexis is using Jeannie Fulbrights' "Exploring Creation with Astronomy" book for science. We have finished the first chapter and she LOVED it.


I had so many plans to either do some notebooking or make lapbooks... and then once we started and I realized how much I have planned for her to do, I scratched a lot of my plans to go along with this book. She is really enjoying learning all about astronomy so I have decided to keep it 'simple' and fun :)

Basically this is what we concentrated on learning in Chapter 1


* Vocabulary
She can define and understands the following:
- Astronomy
- Gravitational pull
- Gravity
- Solar System
- Universe

* She was amazed to find out that long ago, before we had clocks, people could tell the time by the position of their shadow on the ground! She had fun looking at her shadow and trying to figure out how she could look at it and decide what time it was. She did ask me what happened when it was cloudy out and people couldn't see their shadows. LOL!

* She knows the names of the planets and their order


*We studied about Nicolas Copernicus and Galileo Galilei. She definitely understands that the planets revolve around the sun. Josh made a 'visual' for her making her the sun and him earth, it was funny... but she got it :) She is also asking if we can buy a telescope (actually, all the kids are wanting one!).

* We made a solar system (that is now hanging from the ceiling fan in the homeschool room... lol)!!



* An extra book we read for fun:

For some reason I don't feel like we *did enough* to go along with chapter 1. But she is learning and enjoying it, so I guess that is all that matters :)

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