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Place Value Fun!


Alexis started learning about 'place value' last week in math (2 digits at this point... tens and ones). We started off using snap cubes for a 'visual' which worked great! It took her a while to really understand it but she is getting it now! YAY!!!

I ended up making a game for her that she LOVES!


She turns all the number cards upside down and picks two. One goes in the 'ones' spot and the other in the 'tens' spot. She counts out how many cards she needs for the tens (10, 20, 30, 40....) and then she counts out how many she needs for the ones. Then she counts them together... tens first and then the ones. She also has 2 blank cards to represent "0"!


We keep the mat and all the pieces in a gallon sized ziploc bag for very easy (and cheap) storage :)

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