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Back 2 School Shopping!!

It's July and that means the Back 2 School supplies are hitting shelves around here and are CHEAP! It's time to stock up!!!


Earlier this week we went to walmart and I bought a case of crayola crayons, 80 glue sticks (and I might buy more... we go through glue sticks like C R A Z Y), markers, colored pencils, folders (.25 each, I'm hoping they drop in price soon... I still bought some though because I REALLY need them for some file folder games, but I need like 100 more... EEK), watercolor paints, tape, glue, pencil cases, pencils, erasers, modeling clay...

Notebooks were .25 each, I waited on those. I'm hoping they go cheaper and then I need to buy a whole bunch. If they don't go cheaper... I'll still have to stock up on them soon ;) LOL!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Back 2 School shopping! I am sure I will buy more throughout the next couple months. Walmart really did not have all their stuff out yet. I need letter tiles (I know walmart has had those before, hopefully they have them this year), pocket charts... and whatever other goodies I find!!

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