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School Plans: In Progress

Over the last few weeks I have been working on plans for the upcoming 2009-201o school year. It is a big job... but a job that I *LOVE*!! We still have about 3 weeks left before school starts and I have LOTS of planning to do!

How do I plan our school year?

First, I don't buy any type of 'homeschool planner'. I have looked for one, but there is not one that would work in every way that *I* need. is an amazing site with TONS of printables for homeschoolers, including all sorts of forms and schedules to make your very own homeschool planner. I print exactly what I need, put it in a binder and I'm good to go.


What do I include in my homeschool planner? 
Unless noted, everything I use was printed from the donnayoung site!

First Section (not printed from donnayoung site)
* Weekly Cleaning Schedule
* Daily schedule (at least a 'goal' of how I would like my days to go... lol)

Second Section - School Calendar
* 2009-2010 Schedule - Includes list of dates I plan to do school and dates we will be taking off
* 2009-2010 Calendar - A calendar from August 2009 - May 2010: Use to write important school events, etc... that we have scheduled

Third Section - Alexis' forms, then Austin's forms, then Rylee's forms (all seperated with cardstock and tabs so I know where things are at... lol)
* Attendance: Mark dates we have school in order to keep track of days
* Grade Forms
* Reading List (we will use to record books as we read them)
* Course of study list (list of all 'subjects' and materials used)
* Class Schedule (36 weeks of lesson 'plans' for each class)
* Workbox Idea List (not printed from donnayoung, a complete list of ideas I have for each of the kids workboxes)

Fourth Section
* Weekly plans for each kid (transferred weekly from the 'class schedule')


After I have assembled the homeschool planner, I start planning.

I lay out ALL the books, grab my forms and go. One subject, one kid at a time... I plan.


First I fill out each "course of study" form for each kid. I include every 'subject' that they will complete throughout the year.

Then I go through each 'subject' and fill out a "class schedule". It includes all plans from the first lesson to the last lesson. This part takes a while since I also make sure to add any extra activities, games, books, etc... that I want to add.

I will make the 'week plans' on Mondays. This will be simple since I have the class schedule forms. I just need to transfer plans from the class schedule to the weekly plan forms each week. If we don't get something done, I do not check it off on the class schedule and it gets moved to the next week. The 'class schedule' IS a goal of when I want things done, but I do not expect it to go completely as I have written... things come up and I can easily adjust this way.

I have 'unit study' forms that I use to plan each unit study. Each form for each unit includes an overview (what the unit is about), how many days/weeks we will do the unit. Books, materials, dvd's, supplies, websites, etc... needed for the unit. Vocabulary words, bible verse to memorize, crafts to go along with the unit and possible field trips.

That is basically it! A lot of work goes into planning our school year... but having a PLAN and an idea of how I *want* the year to go really helps me to stay on track and keep things running smoothly. Of course, not EVERYTHING will go according to plan... but my plans can easily be changed as needed!

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