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No Workbooks!

As I'm planning to begin our next school year I am very excited about the fact that I have ordered NO workbooks for the kids.  Yes, I know this may not sound normal to some... but for us this change is HUGE!!  We usually use all Abeka (which, of course, means LOTS of workbooks... lol) but this year I'm changing everything up!  I am SO excited about our plans and cannot wait to get started.  Actually, I haven't ordered ONE thing from Abeka.  I LOVE Abeka... but I'm so tired of workbooks and teacher manuals... lol!


Now, this does not mean my kids will not be doing worksheets.  They will be doing them... but either I'll be printing them from many various websites online or I will be making them.  Of course, this also doesn't mean that at some point throughout the year I won't cave and buy a workbook or two (like a handwriting workbook, at the moment I'm tempted by those... lol... but that's only because I'm spending hours putting together handwriting worksheets for each child)... but for now the plan is to not buy any workbooks for at least the next couple years (depending on how this year goes).

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