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We did it!! End of the school year {and future plans}

The end of the school year...

I cannot believe it is already May and we are wrapping up another school year.  This has been a crazy year with me going back to college, running, sick kids, listing our home for sale, Rylee's broken elbow... you know, life ;)  Still, we had a great year and I am completely happy with what the kids have accomplished.  Yesterday we officially finished up our school year!  I will have the kids continue reading and doing math drills while they wait to start the new school year!  I can't believe I will have kids in 2nd grade, 1st grade, Kindergarten and Tot School!  

A graduation/end of the school year party is in progress.  We are planning to wait until June to have the party though.  Things have been so crazy lately, I need some time to get everything back in order!


Gearing up for a new year...

Over the next few weeks I will be posting things that we did but I never got a chance to post (and will work hard on getting up all the Alphabet Fun * Now I'm Reading * posts up, but really those take a long time for me to post so my real goal is to have them all up by the beginning of July), end of the year summaries of where the kids are (they each met their learning goals for the year... YEAH) and plans, printables and units for 'next year'.  I'm in major 'get organized before the new year starts' mode!  LOL!  Lots of planning going on these days and I just about have all the 2010 - 2011 plans ready to go!  My kids are anxious to get started..  We are making a lot of changes and are all very excited about all the fun we will be having over the next year.

Tot Beginnings

Tot Beginnings is a program I have been working on putting together for McKenzee Grace.  I was hoping to have it up and going in April but with sick kids and then Rylee's broken arm it just didn't happen.  I have decided to just wait and start her when I start the older kids on their new school year.  Throughout the month of May I will finish adding my Tot Beginnings printables and various links so we're all ready to go!

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