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Thankful Thursday

I always have so much to be thankful for... but today I am especially thankful for some good news concerning Rylee's broken elbow.

Yesterday we took Rylee to St. Louis for a check-up.  Her appointment went great!  She had 2 x-rays done that showed that her elbow is healing perfectly!!  YEAH!!!  I was so happy and relieved to hear this news. 

AND... we have a date for her cast to come off!!  We will be going back on Wednesday, May 12th and they will remove the cast!!  That is 2 weeks from yesterday!  I am a little nervous about her only having her cast on for 3 weeks, however, the doctors have assured me that little bones heal SO quickly and after 3 weeks it will do her no good to have her cast on.  She needs to have her arm out and begin moving it.

This morning Rylee woke up to her countdown chart hanging on the fridge. She will color in a square each day as we count down the days until her pretty pink cast can come off! 


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