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Wonderful Wednesday

At this moment it is 9:58 on Wednesday morning.  Exactly 1 week ago today I was putting Rylee on a hospital bed so they could take her to surgery.  I know the surgery was just on her elbow, but that was seriously one of the scariest moments I have had.  I know that the doctor said they perform this surgery every single day, but still... not on MY Rylee.  


I am so incredibly blessed to have this sweet, amazing little girl in my life.  I am so thankful for the doctors that took such great care of her, I am proud of Rylee for being so strong and brave and I am praising God for his miracles.


In just a couple hours we head out to St. Louis again for a quick x-ray to make sure that everything is healing correctly.  I am so happy we are on this end of it.  Last week was so hard... I am praying that we will get a good report today!  We will also find out when she can get her cast off... boy are we looking forward to that day!

I am SO happy that Rylee is smiling and laughing and loving life, even with just being able to use 1 hand.  She has taken this and she is making the best of it!  And I am SO proud of her!!!

I want to thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers over the last week!  What a blessing they have been to us! 

PS.  School here this last week has been crazy!  School updates, posts and printables will be starting again soon!  I just need to get through today...

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