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Thank you for your prayers ~ Update on Rylee!!

I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers for my sweet Rylee.  They mean so much to me and my family.  

This has been a hard week... I'm not sure I've ever cried so much. Tuesday night Rylee was doing gymnastics in her class at the gym and she broke her elbow. They had mats folded up and then lined up (for running distance) to add some "height" to do round offs over the mailbox. When she did her round off her arm went between the mat and mailbox and her body went over the mailbox... but her arm didn't move with her. 

Immediately when I picked her up I saw a 'bump' off the side of her elbow. I thought it was just swelling fast, turns out it was her bone. Her entire elbow "shifted".

After 6 long hours at our local ER they sent us to St Louis Childrens Hospital. Rylee had surgery at 10am. They put in 3 pins and put her bright pink cast on and she was released about 5 hours later.

The childrens hospital was AMAZING!  Here are all these kids, some that are so very sick and from the moment we got there until we left we felt like Rylee was the only kid there.  It was truly amazing and we are so thankful for everyone who took care of Rylee.  They were so wonderful to her.  

We were told that this is actually the 2nd most common break among kids.

Rylee has been so incredibly brave and strong. She absolutely amazes me.  

Last night Alexis (my oldest daughter) had gymnastics and Rylee REALLY wanted to go. I was really worried about her being sad watching the other girls because Rylee LOVES gymnastics so much... but she did great. She LOVES to watch and was just happy to be there, sitting and watching. She was given balloons and candy and gifts from her coaches. She left smiling and was so happy all evening.

We had a shirt made for her yesterday to wear last night... it said:
"If gymnastics was easy, they would call it football"! It was a huge hit!

We go back for x-rays on Wednesday to make sure everything is looking fine. Then 2 weeks later we go back and they will take off the cast and take the pins out. So she will only be wearing her cast for 3 weeks!  On Wednesday we will find out the exact date that her cast will be coming off and I am planning on starting a countdown for Rylee to count down the days until her cast comes off. 

Rylee will be taking most of the summer off from gymnastics but the doctors have assured her that she WILL be able to do gymnastics again. She actually asked one of her doctors if she would still be able to be Shawn Johnson when she grew up... and he told her yes, she could still be Shawn Johnson... lol!  Yes, she has said this for months now... when she grows up she wants to BE Shawn Johnson!  LOL!

The ENTIRE time we were there she was talking to everyone about gymnastics. It was so cute. They put her IV in her hand and then put a support board under her arm/wrist so she wouldn't be able to move it and taped it up. She looked at it and said, "NEAT! It looks like I'm wearing grips"! LOL! 

Here she is trying to wake up after surgery...

Talking on the phone to grandma... telling her she is ready to come home (they had her IV out at this point and we were just a few minutes away from leaving)!

And finally back at home... eating some ice cream 

Putting together a puzzle (yes, we found a new use for the gymnastics mats... lol)


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