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Workbox Ideas for Austin (5y/o)

I tried to come up with more 'original' ideas for Austin's but as it turns out most of his are a mix between what I'm using for Alexis and Rylee (based on where he is and what he will enjoy).

Here's what I'm planning...

* Worksheets from his Abeka Math, Writing and Phonics workbooks
* Evan Moor Take it to your seat centers (these include science, social studies, math, literacy, vocabulary... TONS of different centers)
* File Folder Games
* Reading book (either a simple book for him to read by himself or one I will read to him)
* Name & Word Cups (make words on pieces of paper, tape on cups, put 'tiles' in cups that make the word, have Austin make the words out of the tiles)
* Memorization: Bible Verse
* Dice Math Game
* Domino Math
* Learning Links Number Matching (Numbers 1 - 29; Number Words one - ten as he is ready for those)
* Cookie Sheet Math
* Count by 5 Activities
* Magnetic Letters & Cookie Sheet (work on spelling sight words, his name, etc...)
* Tangrams
* Pattern Blocks
* Number Assessment Pages (use with dot markers)
* Stringing Beads & cards
* Dried Bean Sorting
* Sorting & graphing dinosaurs
* Rush Hour
* Zoologic Game
* Fun with modeling clay (idea from another blogger... my kids will LOVE this, I'm sure)
* Thumbprint Drawing Book
* Do A Dot Art Markers and Pages
* Draw! Write! Now!
* Play dough
* Stamps, ink pads, colored pencils, envelopes & paper
* Stickers, paper
* Stencils, colored pencils, paper
* Watercolors and Paper
* Color or Paint by number
* Name writing practice sheets
* Cutting practice: Scissors & Paper
* Trace & Color Pages
* Entry in nature journal
* Crossword Puzzles, ABC Order, Word Searches, Mazes, Dot to Dots, Sudoku Activities
* Page from logic book
* Puzzles
* Emergent Reader Books (to make)
* Magnetic Mosaics
* Calendar Pages
* Books, pictures to color, etc... to go with current unit study
* Sign Language Alphabet Cards
* Making Paper Airplanes
* Lacing Cards
* Build with Lego's

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