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We bought the kids each a DESK today!!!

I am SO excited! It has been a really neat day. Josh and I decided that we would order the kids desks today. We have looked and LOOKED for used desks and have not found anything. Oriental trading has the exact desks we were wanting so we decided we would go ahead and get them. For 3 desks it would cost us about $200, but it would be worth it for the kids to each have their own desk.... and shipping would be free.

Well, I went to order them and about 15 minutes after I placed my order I got a cancellation notice. I was SO bummed. I called oriental trading and they said that they had JUST discontinued them and could not order them for me. I started looking other places online and while the prices were close, shipping for 3 desks was close to $100. No way I'm paying that. So Josh and I got to talking and I asked if he would call the local school supply store to see if they had anything. We have called them MANY times and they never have had anything ... but I thought we should check, just in case.

Josh called and the guy said that they have lots of desks right now. And for most of them they are wanting $25 each!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Josh had to go back to work but we decided once he was off we would head straight in to look at the desks. I got the kids ready and by the time he got home we were ready to leave.

They were PERFECT and EXACTLY what we were going to order (even down to the colors... lol)!!! We bought 3 desks for $75 total (instead of the $200 we were going to spend). WHAT a deal!!! We are SO happy!! I am just in shock how well this worked out. God is good... He had a plan... I know we were suppose to get these desks. Wow... amazing!!!



YAY!!!! We have desks :) We are now transforming the den into our 'school room' until the room in the basement is finished. I have already moved a couch out and moved lots of bookshelves in! We are going to go and look for a rug to put under the desks so we don't ruin the carpet. I also need to order chairs. I can get 6 from sams club for $110, so that is what we are going to do. Desks and 6 chairs for the price I was going to pay for the 3 desks. AWESOME!!!!!

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