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I've researched & planned... finally it's time for SHOPPING!

So, I love to shop. And homeschooling gives me "another" reason to shop :) LOL!

A week ago I ordered all of our Abeka curriculum for next year. We received it all on Friday and the kids had a great time going through all of it.

The past couple of days I have ordered the bob jones heritage studies (social studies) curriculum, the astronomy curriculum book, all of the books for the animal unit that we will be starting soon, most of the extra books for the astronomy unit, typing instructor, kindermusic, all the bulletin board sets, all the critical thinking books, lots of new games, kumon books (for Rylee, instead of the "I can" books) and lots of other books.

Still need to buy: Art supplies (replenish some, add some new), more of the signing time DVD's, draw write now books, some more games and more books, science kits and other 'extras' for all the units we will be doing next year (I can buy those as needed though)!

And then there is everything we will need for the homeschool room that Josh is 'building' in the basement. We need some desks, more shelves, tables, chairs, etc... for that room. But I'll worry about that once the room is actually done.

Now we should be getting lots of packages over the next couple weeks. That is, obviously, the fun part!!!

The list is narrowing... YAY!!!

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