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Good-Bye Kindergarten! Alexis is ready for 1st Grade!!!

Alexis managed to do a ton of work today and FINISHED everything!!!! Of course, everything she did was review and she has it all down really good but she is DONE!!! Her kindergarten year is COMPLETE :) She is very excited that she will now be in 1st grade :) :) :) YAY!!!!! I am so excited for her!

Hard at work...

She's DONE and happy to be throwing away those empty workbooks!!! LOL!


McKenzee was excited too ;) LOL!
We are really looking forward to our summer 'break'!! I do have some things planned for us to do over the next few months though...

* Finish Rylee's alphabet book
* Finish Austin's dinosaur book
* Phonics, Reading, Writing and Math review (Alexis)
* Plant Unit
* Animal Unit
* Character Quality Unit

We will be starting the 'next' school year the first week of August.

Congratulations Alexis :) :) I'm looking forward to a wonderful 1st Grade year with many more fun learning adventures!!!!

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