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April 14 - 19: Week in Review

We are nearing the end of our school year. I did not realize that the last 20 lessons would not introduce new concepts (well, except 3) and be basic review. SO... this week Alexis did 10 phonics lessons and 10 math lessons. She is 10 lessons (in each phonics and math) from being done!! I am sure we will finish those up this week which means she will be DONE! She finished up her 'writing' a few weeks ago. Science is also done and social studies will be done this week too!

Her reading is also really improving. She is reading faster, with more expression and retaining more of what she is reading!! She is really 'getting it'! I love listening to her read!! It still amazes me that she IS reading. LOL!

Austin is working on learning blends and how to make words out of them. Every single time after reading a word he yells "I DID IT"! LOL! It is so cute!! He is so excited that he is learning how to read :) In math I have been having him do larger/smaller workbook pages, patterns, writing numbers (to 9) and simple addition and he is picking it all up very quickly. He has also been doing some workbook pages where he looks at a group of pictures and picks out which one is dfferent. He is SO good at doing this and really enjoys it.

Rylee... we kind of stalled on the alphabet book this week and reviewed what she had learned. We will not be done with her alphabet book in the next week. This is something that we will be working on probably until June, which is fine. She has been doing math right along with Austin! She is understanding patterns, and larger/smaller and she is learning how to write her numbers.

We started reading, "A Tale of Despereaux" this week. A little bit of a challenge considering there are not many pictures but they are listening and paying attention. I make sure to stop every couple pages and go over what we have just read. They ask me everyday if we can read more "Despereaux" (which Rylee pronounces "deser roll"... teehee)! It's very cute!


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