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Planning Ahead: 2009-2010

We are so close to wrapping up this school year and with that... I've started thinking about and planning for next year. I really do love this part. Planning and buying and planning some more. It is so much fun. It's just very exciting for me to think about the things that my children will be learning :)

Right now this is what I have planned for the kids for next school year (I am not done planning yet... this is just what I have figured out, so far)...

Phonics - Abeka
Reading - Abeka
Writing - Abeka; A reason for handwriting “A”
Spelling - Abeka
Language - Abeka; Language Lessons are for the very young
Math - Abeka
Social Studies - BJU Heritage Studies
Geography - Basic study on the US, landforms, mapping, continents, countries, oceans.
Science - Exploring Creation with Astronomy; Abeka (unit studies on plants, animals, insects, energy, seasons, five senses)
Health - Abeka
Motor Skills:
Building Thinking Skills 1
Can You Find Me K
Visual Perceptual Skill Building 1
Daily Reading Warm Ups (Teacher Created Resources)
Mind Benders Beginnings 2

Phonics - Abeka
Reading - Abeka
Writing: Abeka; A Reason for Handwriting K
Language - Language Lessons for Little Ones 2
Math: Abeka
Social Studies: BJU Heritage Studies (Alexis)
Science: Abeka; Exploring Creation with Astronomy (Alexis)
Geography - Basic study on the US, landforms, mapping, continents, countries, oceans (Alexis)
Health: Abeka (Alexis)
Motor Skills:
Developing the Early Learner Set
Building Thinking Skills Primary
Can You Find Me K
Mind Benders Beginnings 1

Phonics: Abeka
Language: Language Lessons 1
Writing: Abeka
Math: Mathematical Reasoning Beginnings 1-3
Fine Motor Skills:
I can Paste
I can Fold
I can Trace
I can Draw
I can Color
I can Cut
Developing the Early Learner
Can you find me prek
Building Thinking Skills Beginning

Bible - Abeka
Art - ARTistic Pursuits; Draw! Write! Now! (Rylee will also be doing her "I Can..." series)
Music - Kindermusic
Sign Language - Signing Times DVD's

I am also considering some type of "beginning" spanish program. And a typing/introduction to computers program.

It does look like a lot. But it always looks like a lot when it is written out like that. LOL!

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