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Summer Plans

We will be starting our "summer vacation" starting near the beginning of May and lasting until the beginning of August. During our vacation we will continue with some of our studies, of course ;)

The first thing on the list is a study on "character qualities"! We will be doing small studies on being helpful, kind, attentive, thankful, dependable, obedient and one on forgiveness. Each of the kids will make a book (maybe a lapbook? I'm in the beginning stages of planning this) to go along with our studies. I am still in search of some good books, crafts and activities to go with it.

Josh is going to do a study on seeds and how they grow when he and the kids plant the garden. They will also be helping to take care of it.

We will also be learning about America and many other countries. It will be just 'basic' things that we cover, but .... it will be an introduction to the amazing world that God has created.

I will be printing off practice worksheets for writing and math. Alexis will be reading as many books as she would like (*I* am hoping for at least 1/day). I am hoping to work on her reading comprehension and fluency. It will give us a good start for 1st grade. I will also be (slowly) working with Austin on reading and with Rylee on sounds of letters (possibly beginning blends).

And... yes... we will have more than plenty of time for playing and enjoying the outside and the sun and the pool and relaxing and staying out late catching bugs and all of that :) We can homeschool for an hour of a morning and a little bit of an afternoon (during the really hot time of the day). Maybe more on those rainy days

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