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What type of homeschooler am I???

I keep hearing of all these different 'methods' of homeschooling. I never really put a lot of thought into it. I just homeschool. Not sure what the method is... I teach my kids. LOL! However, I keep reading that every homeschooler follows one of the many methods. There's a traditional method, an unschooling method, charlotte mason, eclectric, etc...! So I decided I would do some research to figure out what my method is. That way when somebody asks (and it comes up a lot on a HS forum that I am on) I can at least have an answer.

For us it's pretty simple... we can use a 'boxed' curriculum (which is mostly what we do... we love Abeka). We're going to use BJU next year for social studies, maybe a different handwriting program, possibly some unit studies (that I am putting together myself)... whatever.

While searching I found a quiz called "what type of homeschooler are you?". What a great quiz! I answer some questions and it will tell me what type of homeschoolers we are.

I sure found out a lot... lol...


You're a "Relaxed" Homeschooler
You kind of do it teach through conversation, you may purchase an "all-in-one" curriculum for the child's entire school year, you may even design your OWN curriculum. Whatever floats your boat - you do what you think works!


Well, there ya go. LOL! Good thing I didn't waste a lot of time trying to figure that one out ;) LOL!

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