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Our school year so far...

Our school year is going great! Alexis is in kindergarten and flying through her work. Austin is in pre-k and catching on to things faster than I ever expected. And little Rylee is 3 and learning her letters and numbers! I'm not sure I will be able to keep up with them as fast as they are learning. It is so amazing to watch them get so excited about learning new things.

Today Alexis started learning how to add. After the first few times of explaining it she had it. She has picked up on reading very fast and is reading sentences (slowly, but she's getting it). She can write all of her letters, she can write words and is starting to write sentences.

Austin is starting to work on blends to learn how to read. He is writing his letters and he is also adding write along with Alexis.

Rylee is working on an alphabet book. It is so cute to wach her learn her letters. With each letter I introduce a new "alphabet friend". For "A" we had "Alexander Alligator". For "B" we had Betsy Bee, etc...! We have a cute little song that goes along with each letter and I make up pages to add to her 'book'. I'll try and get some pictures taken of each page we have done. She loves her book! She is also working on learning her numbers and her shapes (and drawing them).

I hope they continue to have such a love for learning as they do now.

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