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Just 2 more weeks to go!

It's been a little over 2 months since Rylee broke her elbow while doing gymnastics at the gym.  Since getting her cast off she has been doing great!  She is able to move her arm perfectly again and has had absolutely no complications.  However, she has not been able to return to gymnastics yet.  Gymnastics is what she loves.  Every day she puts on her leotard and every day she asks me if she can do a cartwheel, a round-off, a handstand... just one {pretty please Mommy}!  

We were told that while Rylee could return to all of her activities she was to wait an additional 6 weeks before doing any type of gymnastics.  For a girl that lives, breathes and dreams gymnastics 24/7 this has been an extremely long wait!

July 14th is the day she can start again... and we've been counting down the days!  Now we are just 2 weeks away and Rylee is getting VERY excited!!!


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