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First official day of summer! {Our Summer Plans}

Today is the first official day of summer for 2010!!  We have definitely been experiencing hot summer weather for a few weeks now but with the last few weeks having been so crazy for us it's nice to officially kick off our summer today!

Alexis joined the level 4 gymnastics team on June 1st!  She is LOVING it but it is requiring a lot of time.  She practices 11 hours a week.  Plus there is our driving time (35 minutes to and from the gym) 4 days a week.  But she loves it so it is definitely worth it.  Austin joined a pre-tumbling team so there is another night every week that we head off to the gym.  Rylee still cannot do gymnastics because of her elbow that she broke, however, in 3 weeks she will be able to which will require even more time spent at the gym.  Of course, all worth it and we all love it!

This is not a complete list of everything we will be doing this summer.  Just a basic list of fun stuff I want to accomplish with the children this summer!

Summer fun activities
* Swimming {I have swimming scheduled for at least 2 hours every day!  This will be a big part of our summer!  Hopefully soon the kids will be able to join a swim team.}
* Blow bubbles
* Sprinkler/Water Balloons/Water Games
* Outdoor chalk
* Picnics
* Bike Rides
* Family Walks
* Spend time at the park
* Tag; additional games that we can play outside 

* Cherry picking
* Make ice cream
* Camping
* Fishing
* Visit the zoo
* Visit a museum
* Fairs
* Baseball Game
* Putt Putt Golf
* Tennis 

Practice at home with the kids
* Baseball
* Soccer
* Basketball
* Golf 

Rainy day activities
* Crafts
* Hide and Seek
* Board Games
* Movies {at home; in the theater}
* Bowling

* Bible units 
* Summer nature journal
* Daily reading
* Math drills and practice sheets
* Animal units; Literature units {fun}; Additional units

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