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Strep Throat

If it's not one thing, it's another.  Well, not usually... but this last month and a half has been crazy.  Earlier this week Austin was sick, he was back to normal within a couple days.  Thursday McKenzee comes down with the same thing Austin has and then Saturday Alexis gets it.  All fine now. 

Yesterday I ended up very sick {within just a couple hours, seriously I felt fine yesterday morning) with a temp of around 105, very sore throat, bad headache, everything so sore I can barely move.  Today Josh took me into the doctor, a quick swab... I have strep throat.  I am exhausted and don't feel good at all.  I have a 10 day prescription of amoxicillin {2 pills/day} so hopefully I'm feeling better really soon.  I know I would be feeling better if I could just get this fever to break.  It was a little higher at the doctors office today but as long as I have tylenol in me it seems to stay around 101-102 {which is much better than yesterday}.

Now my house is falling apart, laundry is piling up, I have tons of things to get done... and I'm to exhausted {not to mention I feel awful at the moment} to do anything.

I try to not post to much stuff like this on here (although it seems like I have been this past month and a half with Rylee's broken elbow and my aunts accident).... but thanks for listening to me cry for a couple minutes...

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