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Thank you for your prayers for my aunt... and a HS update...

This last week has just flown by so fast. Last Saturday I was able to fly out to Florida to be with my aunt.  When I walked in the room she did recognize me and I was able to spend a little bit of time with her. 

She has really bad brain trauma, chest trauma, many broken bones and she is in so much pain.  It was so hard to see her... but I am thankful for each minute I was able to spend with her.

I returned home late Monday and was very happy to be with my kids again.  Each day Aunt Chris is improving, if even just a little bit.  She was able to have her first surgery on her pelvis late Thursday evening to repair damage to it.  The surgery was a success and the surgeon is hopeful she will be able to sit up soon.

The healing process is very slow, however, we are praying that she will be 100% healed one day!  And we are trusting in God every step of the way.


Obviously, all homeschooling has been on hold.  Even at home I'm not able to fully concentrate as my heart and thoughts are with my Aunt in Florida.  It's amazing how fast plans can change.  I was so sure of all my homeschooling plans ... and so quickly everything has changed.

Instead of starting school in late June I am going to wait another month or so and just enjoy the summer with the kids.  I will be able to finalize all of my plans {and post them so I am organized and all ready to go} and there will be 'school' things we do {science experiments, additional units, crafts, etc...}.  However, there is a chance I will be heading to Florida again... or if they move her closer I will be driving to visit my aunt more often.  I just need to be available.  

With all that said though... in a month I may be ready to start school.  I really don't know.  Right now I am pretty exhausted.  I'm ready to relax and just sit outside and watch the kids run around and play and spend days swimming in the pool.

Thank you all for your prayers for my Aunt Christie.  They are truly appreciated.  Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to recover.

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