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URGENT: Prayer request for my Aunt

My Aunt Christie went with 14 of her college students on a mission trip to Haiti. On Sunday she was riding in the back of a 'truck' (all open), the breaks went out on the way down a mountain and the truck flipped. Thankfully, most of the students were treated and are okay. My aunt and a few of the students were not. On Monday afternoon they flew my aunt and the other injured students to a hospital in Miami Florida. The students are getting better with each day and 2 of the 3 have been released. However, my aunt has multiple broken bones (neck, ribs, both shoulders, pelvis...) and has major head trauma. Her brain {the frontal lobe} is swollen, she has chest trauma and her heart rate dropped yesterday into the 30's. She is beginning to respond over the last 24 hours {squeezing hands, wiggling her feet a little and shaking her head yes and no occasionally}. She is in very critical condition at this point.

I am 20 hours from her. My heart is breaking that I cannot be with her. I am here.... but my heart and all my thoughts are with my Aunt Christie.

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