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Sensory Table {Ideas}

Sensory tables provide hours of hands on fun while allowing children to develop many important developmental skills.

I set out a sensory bin everyday for the kids to use.  They use it once their work is done and they are waiting on me for additional instructions. 

Here are some of the sensory bins we use {sorry, I haven't posted much on our sensory bins... this list will be updated as I get around to posting more of the ones we use}

Pom Pom Bin


You don't have to have a commercial sand/water table.  I mainly use totes with lids that I bought from Big Lots {$3 each}!  This way I can have several different sensory bins ready to go at any moment and they are very easy to store! 

There is really an endless amount of options for sensory materials that can be used in a sensory table.  Here's some of our favorites...
* Sand
* Water {colored water is lots of fun too}
* Rice
* Pasta
* Cereal
* Easter Grass
* Flowers
* Fake Snow 
* Tissue Paper
* Bells 
* Peanuts
* Marshmallows
* Shaving Cream
* Fish tank gravel/rocks
* Cotton Balls
* Ice Cubes
* Shredded paper {I have bought bags of different colored shredded paper from the Dollar Tree... PERFECT for this}
* Birdseed
* Packing peanuts
* Curling ribbon
* Confetti
* Shells
* Glitter
* Finger Paint
* Foam shapes 
* Buttons
* Pom Poms
* Toy worms, animals
* Candy {example: conversation hearts for valentines day}
* Corn Chips

Add any type of tools for the children to use with the sensory material .  Kids are so creative and will come up with LOTS of ways to use the tools you provide!  Here's a few of our favorites...
* Cups
* Bowls
* Measuring Cups
* Different size containers {great for beginning pouring & measuring}
* Spoons
* Jars
* Tongs; Tweezers
* Popsicle Sticks
* Clothespins
* Garden tools
* Spray bottles
* Ice cube trays {shape ones are a favorite here}
* Straw
* Funnel
* Strainer
* Bucket/shovel
* Eye dropper
* Toy people, vehicles


My favorite store to shop for items to use in our sensory bins is the Dollar Tree!  Make sure to watch for seasonal/holiday items!

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