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Memory Making Monday: April 26 - May 2

It's amazing how fast each week seems to go.  Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years... and my kids are growing up SO fast!!  I truly am SO blessed to have such an amazing, wonderful family.   One of my main goals in life is to enjoy each and everyday to the fullest with my kids and my husband.... cherish every moment... and create many memories!

Each Monday I want to write down some memories from the previous 7 days.... anything and everything I never want to forget :)

* Alexis was in a local parade with her gymnastics team.  She had so much fun and we all loved watching her doing round-offs, back walkovers and front handsprings down the road :)  At one point she even did her splits in all 3 directions and got a big "Ooooohhhh OUCH" from the crowd... lol!  Our local stations aired it live so she was also on TV :)

* Austin was asked to take the offering at church on Sunday.  This was his first time to do this and he did SO great!  After church he announced that he has decided that when he grows up he wants to be a Pastor {after traveling to the moon, of course}... lol :)

* Rylee decided she wanted to try a new skill and worked hard to get it!  She was to get into a headstand and then push up into a handstand and hold it!  She worked hard all week and has finally got it!  She's so excited... and I'm amazed... she's got some pretty big muscles ;) 

* I had a moment this week as I was looking at my baby.  She's growing up.  I know, I know... this happens ;)  But it really just hit me.  She is going to be THREE in just a couple months... it just doesn't seem possible.  Her smile, her kisses, her hugs, her sweet heart and her soft little voice... I'm absolutely in love with my sweet little girl... McKenzee Grace...

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