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USA: The Great 50 States ~ Illinois

The following includes the topics that will be studied and materials that will be used while we study the state of Illinois {our home state!}.  

- State Location, Capital & Bordering States
- State Population, Largest City 
- State Nickname, Motto, Song
- State Flag, Symbols
- Major Rivers: Mississippi River, Illinois River 
State History Overview
- Study: The first people who arrived in Illinois {Paleo-Indians} through Illinois today.
State Plants
- Flower: Violet
- Tree: White Oak
State Animals
- Whitetail Deer
- Cardinal
- Monarch Butterfly
- Bluegill
Famous People 
- Abraham Lincoln {President} 
- Walt Disney {Film Animator}
- Carl Sandburg {Poet}
- Alfred Wallenstein {Conductor}
- Michael Jordan {NBA}
- John Deere {Inventor}  
Historic Landmarks
- Black Hawk State Historic Site
- Old State Capital
- Lincoln's New Salem
Chicago Style Hot Dog

  • Illinois: From Sea to Shining Sea
  • 50 States: A State By State Tour of the USA 
  • The Little Man In the Map: With Clues To Remember All 50 States  
  • Illinois History
  • Illinois From A-Z
  • Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet {Famous Explorers}
  • L is for Lincoln: An Illinois Alphabet
  • If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln
  • Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln
  • Walt Disney: Young Movie Maker
  • Poetry for Young People: Carl Sandburg
  • For the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and Me
  • Monday on the Mississippi
  • Whitetail Deer {Our Wild World Series}
  • Monarch Butterfly

  • Illinois Information 
  • Illinois State Song
  • Illinois State Song Lyrics 
  • United States Coloring Book ~ Illinois Page 13
  • State Birds and Flowers Coloring Book ~ Illinois Page 14
  • White Oak Tree
  • The Monarch Butterfly Unit 
  • Timeline of Illinois History ~ homemade ;)

  • Passport Book and State Flag Stickers
  • USA Map
  • Illinois State Flag
  • Illinois State Stamp
  • Illinois State Quarter
  • Whitetail Deer {Enchanted Learning}
  • Cardinal Activity Sheet
  • Square Dance Coloring Page
  • The Fifty States Copywork & Fun! Volume 3 {Includes Illinois} ~ Currclick: Interesting Facts; Copywork; Word Search; Coloring; Matching Game...
  • Illinois State Unit Study ~ Currclick $2.00 ~ 3 History Lessons; Activities
  • John Deere Reading Comprehension & Activities {EdHelper ~ Subscription Needed}
  • IL is for Illinois Book {EdHelper ~ Subscription Needed}

  • Cardinal
  • Abe Lincoln Hat

  • The States: Illinois {DVD}
  • Michael Jordan: Come Fly With Me {VHS} 
  • Alfred Wallenstein ~ Amazon MP3

  • State Symbols Game 
  • Stack the States iTunes {iPod Touch; iPhone}99 cents!! 
  • States and Capitals Memory Game Free Printable   
  • United States Map Puzzle Online Game ~ Free

  • Fish for Bluegill 
  • Lincoln's New Salem
  • Lincoln Museum

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