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Summer Fun Activities & Vacations

With our current plans coming to an end I'm looking forward to and preparing our plans for the next many months.  Of course, that includes our SUMMER plans!!! :)  We are going to have a pretty busy summer... but we're all looking forward to those fun summer activities :)  Here's our plans...


* Swimming
* Bike Rides
* Family walks / Nature Walks
* Gardening
* Picnics
* Have the kids set up a lemonade Stand
* Library ~ Story time and other activites
* Fly Kites
* Bowling
* Water Balloon Fight
* Playing at the parks
* Jump Roping
* Blowing Bubbles
* Play baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball {practice at home with the kids}
* Tennis 
* Hide and Seek (outside, of course)
* Flashlight Tag
* Catch lightening bugs 
* Sidewalk chalk
* Cherry Picking
* Make Ice Cream
* Fishing
* Fairs / Community Picnics / Parades


We LOVE to camp!  Because we sleep in a tent when we camp we won't know until the last minute if it's a good weekend for camping or not (we won't be going when it's really HOT... or with sever weather in the forecast).  We are less than an hour away from many great camp sites so we don't really need to plan early.  Our weekends are free so that leaves plenty of time for packing up and leaving to go camping as we feel like it!

Growing up I always looked forward to our summer vacations and want the same for my children.  I am really excited about our vacation plans for this summer.  We are trying to limit our total vacations to a total of 2 weeks.  IF we can find another week that we can add in for a vacation we would all LOVE to travel to the Grand Canyon.

After studying about Mark Twain we will be visiting his home town {just 20 minutes away from where we live}.
* Mark Twain Cave
* Mark Twain Museum 
* Sawyers Creek

There are SO many things to do in St. Louis and with gas prices so high traveling a short distance will be perfect for a fun vacation!  Here are some of the places we will be visiting...
* Grants Farm 
* Gateway Arch
* Science Center
* Butterfly House
* Magic House
* City Museum
* Museum of Transportation
If we can work it out during the few days we will be going... we would love to be able to take the kids to a St. Louis Cardinals game.  

* Shedd Aquarium 
* Adler Planetarium
* American Girl Place Chicago 


We are just starting to plan this trip and besides knowing that we ARE going, we don't have much planned yet!  Alexis will be participating in the unior Olympics (tumbling) in New Orleans on July 31 - August 1.  We will be driving and stopping in Tennessee on the way down {I'm not sure where on the way back}.  We will be planning something fun to do on the way down and back and plan to visit the beach/ocean!  I'm hoping to have all plans finalized for this trip by the end of May.

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