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Our daily summer schedule!

We are all getting SO excited for summer!  My kids will be continuing all their studies throughout the summer months... with a few weeks off for traveling.  We have a crazy summer schedule already though so I'm trying to get everything organized to take back and forth with us to the gym for them to work on while we sit there {for 27 hours/week}.  At home we will work on history, science and art but everything else I am sure we can accomplish during those long hours at the gym {and the trip to and from the gym... 30 minutes each way}.  This will still leave lots of time for swimming, camping, bike riding, playing outside... and all that fun "summer stuff" 


Alexis, Austin, Rylee {Piano Lessons} 8:30-10 
Rylee {Level 4} 4:30-7
Alexis {Tumbling Team} 5:30-7:30
Austin {Tumbling} 5-6 
McKenzee Grace {K3} 5:15-6

Alexis {Level 5} 8:30-2 {with 45 minute lunch break}
Rylee {Tumbling Team} 10-12

Rylee {Level 4} 8:30-11
Alexis and Rylee: Private Lessons 11-12:30
Alexis {Level 5} 5-8

Alexis {Level 5} 8:30-11:30
Rylee {Level 4} 4:30-7
Alexis {Tumbling Team} 5:30-7:30

Rylee {Level 4} 8:30-11
Austin {Tumbling} 9:30-10:30
Alexis {Level 5} 11:30-2:30

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